All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and his decrees.

 - Psalm 25:10 (NRSV)




During the Korean War, I was a young sailor assigned to a US naval ship called a destroyer. Our job was to follow aircraft carriers to rescue any pilots whose plane missed the airstrip and fell into the sea.

For part of our service we guarded an American aircraft carrier. When the pilots returned to the carrier they flew from about a mile behind the ship, aimed straight for it, and landed on the deck. Later we followed an Australian carrier. Their pilots landed differently. They approached the ship by making a sharp right turn before dropping down on the carrier’s deck. I really liked the way the Aussies flew! They seemed more daring than the American pilots. But both sets of pilots flew their planes with skill even though their techniques for landing were different.

Since that time, I have thought about how that picture applies to Christians. Some serve in a steady way, quietly and with no dramatics. Others are bursting with energy and share the gospel with fervor. Whichever way God has led us to serve, we should do so without apology, knowing that God has given us all important ways to proclaim the goodness of God.




Dear God, lead us forward in our witness with the confidence that you have given us exactly the right gifts to use in living out your message of love. Amen.

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